Junk Removal Company in New Jersey, USA

Junk Removal Company in New Jersey, USA

Junk in your way? Call the Rats today!

1844-JUNK-RAT or just JUNK RAT is full junk removal company and one of New Jersey largest junk , trash and rubbish removal company – yet they offer the lowest price in the New Jersey and New York region for your garage clean out, basement clean out, furniture removal and any of your junk trash removal in NJ. Their well trained professionals will come to your home or office and remove any unwanted junk, trash or rubbish from wherever it is.

Sit back and relax while Junk Rat removes items from wherever they are located, load them into the Junk Rat truck, and sweep up the area before they leave. Dragging junk to the curb is a thing of the past!

Responsible Junk Disposal

1844-JUNK-RAT operates with extreme respect for environment, and in a responsible manner. They recycle, and whenever possible, they donate. They are always looking at ways to prevent materials from going to a landfill.

Call 1844-JUNK-RAT today for a free, no obligation estimate! (908) 344-3960

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