Essential Parenting: Loving Parenting Style Approach

Essential Parenting: Loving Parenting Style Approach

Mindful Discipline: parenting style approachIt is not easy being a parent. There is really no definite parenting style approach. But one thing we do want is to raise our children the best way that we can.

Chris White, MD is a board-certified pediatrician who helps parents be the best parent they can be. He wrote the Mindful Discipline book with co-author Shauna Shapiro. This book helps parents on how to approach children lovingly. This book aims to help parents raise emotionally intelligent kids using the five essential elements that kids need as they grow up: unconditional love, space for themselves, mentorship, healthy boundaries, and mistakes for creating learning and growth opportunities.
Check out the book here, or click the image on the left or the Amazon link below. You can take a peek inside the first few pages of the book. Buy them or download a digital version. Read more about the Mindful Discipline book on the Essential Parenting website.

You can also visit Dr. White on his website,


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