Why You Should Not Look For Data Entry Jobs

Why You Should Not Look For Data Entry Jobs

If you are thinking of making it big as a freelancer, data entry jobs are not for you. Why?

Data entry jobs may be the easiest job to find for newbie freelancers, but really, it is one of the most difficult jobs to land on. Just imagine why an employer would hire someone to do something, as easy as typing or copy-paste jobs. It will be a lie if I say that I never had any data entry job before. I had a number of them… and they are the most time-consuming, and most challenging jobs… but I learned to find ways to do a literally copy-paste job of 100,000 spreadsheet entries in just a matter of minutes.  If you are a newbie and you ask, “how can she copy-paste a million entries in just 5 minutes?”, I tell you, this job is definitely not the best first job for you.

If you are curious how I managed to do data entry jobs very quickly, I will tell you the secret… I did it with codes, some programming, and lots of formulas and computations. If these words scare you, you should look for other opportunities.  There are better jobs out there for you other than data entry.

Here are the reasons why you should not go looking for just data entry jobs:

  1. Better Job Opportunities – Oh yes, there are better job opportunities for you out there.  Do you know that my first job in Upwork is Twitter Manager? YES! I think of things to post in twitter and I post it regularly in different time intervals.  If posting in Twitter seems like a very easy job, YES it is easier than data entry. You have better opportunities managing social media accounts.  Try looking for social media management jobs instead of data entry jobs.
    Try enrolling in Online Courses in Shaw Academy and add some skills. If you are a newbie, check them out if they are currently offering free courses because they do from time to time.
    You may also look for sale courses from Udemy. Add skills because the more things you can do for your clients, the more successful you can become in online freelancing
  2. Tight Competition – There are so many people applying for data entry jobs because they think that it is “easy”. As I have mentioned earlier, it is not as easy as it sounds. I will tell you why later. But there are many newbie freelancers (including you if you are one of these people) who think that this is the only thing they can do easily online.  “Easy” is already like a click-bait. Many still think that working online is mostly about data entry jobs. We already know that it is not. In the Philippines, there are already millions of Filipino freelancers applying for data entry jobs.  Consider the numbers outside the country.  In Upwork, there is already a big number of “Top Rated” freelancers doing this. If you are a newbie, you will find it hard to compete with them, so you have a very slim chance getting the best clients for data entry work.
  3. Bogus Jobs – There are clients who ask for test work.  Beware of this clients.  Chances are, if you are given a test work, you are already doing the actual job.
    Imagine if a client needs a quick research and data entry of 1,000 latest car models, and he asks you to do 20 for test work.  The client will say that they are testing your work quality and turnaround time.  And they will ask 100 applicants to do the same test work. Just from the test work, they will have finished the data entry job without paying anyone. The client really has no intention to hire you, but you did work for them.
  4. Not Long Term – When the data entry project is done, you will find yourself, again, in a job-searching position. If you are not the most accurate and the fastest typist, your boss might just not give you more projects.
  5. Demanding and Difficult – Data entry jobs may sound easy.  Yes, you will just type, copy and paste. Some may ask you to do a bit research. But if they as you to “type 1 million entries”, it is not easy anymore.  It will be harder if the instructions will say “type 1 million entries in 1 hour”.
    If you know some codes and programming, typing 1 million entries in 1 hour is very possible. (Believe me, I already did that). But since you are applying for data entry jobs, more likely, you don’t know programming.
    “Research for 1 thousand emails in one day.” When you tried doing it, you can hardly find 10 emails in 1 hour.
    Yes, most data entry jobs are really difficult.
  6. Payment Security – If you are very lucky, you will find clients who will pay you right away.  Some clients take a lifetime before they send you payment. Many do not pay at all. We hope that you do not encounter clients who will not pay.

Do not be fooled when you they say you can earn quick money doing data entry jobs.  If you want to stay at home to work for a long time, if you want to be successful in online freelancing, consider looking for other jobs.  Find or develop another skill in writing, bookkeeping, customer service, and online marketing.  If you are looking for an online job, then you must also be in Facebook. Try looking for Facebook management jobs instead.

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