What is The Best Upwork Withdrawal Method

The Best Upwork Withdrawal Method For March 29, 2017

Upwork Freelancers often ask what is the best withdrawal method to use in Upwork. It depends on the amount you will withdraw and how soon you want to receive your money to your banks. People have different priorities. Some wants to receive it sooner, while others can wait. Others will want to get the highest pay. Some can consider waiting a little longer to get the highest pay, and some wants to receive their money sooner even if they have to pay a bit extra for it.

We have decided to do a weekly analysis for what is the best Upwork Withdrawal Method. At the end we will give our recommendations for the highest rates and the fastest transaction period.

Upwork Withdrawal Analysis For Rates March 29, 2017

Sample Sweldo amount: $250

Paypal to bank: 48.74
Paypal to card: 50.11
LFT: 48.97
Payoneer: 49.1770

Estimated time/date of credit to local banks/card for withdrawal made on Wednesday between 8:00-8:30am:
Paypal to Union: Wednesday 5pm
Paypal to Card: realtime
LFT to BPI: Friday 5am
Others? (This will be updated as data comes in).

Paypal to bank:

Upwork fee – $2
Amount to paypal: $248
Withdrawal fee – none
Rate: 48.74
$248 x 48.74

Paypal to card:

Upwork fee – $2
Amount to paypal: $248
Withdrawal fee – $5
Rate: 50.11
$243 x 50.11

Local Funds Transfer:

Upwork fee – $0.99
Amount to bank: $249.01
Withdrawal fee – none
Rate: 48.97
$249.01 x 48.97
= P12,194.02


Upwork fee – $2
Amount to Payoneer: $248
Withdrawal fee – none
Rate: 49.1770
$248 x 49.1770


Please comment below if you wish to include other withdrawal methods.


Convertion rate: Payoneer – P12,195.90
Transaction time: Paypal to Card – Realtime

For the highest conversion rate, if your payout this week is $250 or more, Payoneer is the best. If you want the fastest withdrawals, and you can sacrifice a few pesos to receive your money right away, withdraw your money through Paypal to your debit cards.

We will do an analysis for $100 earnings and $400 dollar earnings soon.

Note: This applies only to Philippines. If you are in another country, please comment below and we will do an analysis for your country.


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