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About Arteta Online Professionals

Arteta Online is a Philippine-based family-owned enterprise that offers various business services both online and offline. The company’s entire professional experience has been in a management capacity, from upscale commercial businesses, government and non-government agencies, and financial institutions, to startup websites and small businesses. We motivate peers, inspire teams and generally catalyze greatness.

Arteta Online’s promise is greatness and success. We won’t accept anything less than the best a person is capable of doing… and our clients have the right to expect the best that we can do for him, his company and the whole team!

Our Team

If you are a freelancer or if you are looking for freelancing opportunities and more experience in working online, you should join and be a member of our awesome team!
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Our Services

Web Development, Design & Management
We offer web development and web design services. We also manage the content of websites like online shopping sites, business websites, and informational or promotional blog sites. We…
Social Media Management & Full Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Arteta Online offers a full or partial social media management and search engine optimization management.  Our services include reporting and monitoring tools, training for social media and SEO…
#BuhayOnliner Skills Upgrade Program for Filipino Onliners
Arteta Online helps Filipino Freelancers become successful in creating a career in working online and work-at-home.
Online Project Management and General VA
Arteta Online offers complete online project management, from hiring to reporting and monitoring using complete online tools like Asana, Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, and more. We also offer…

Our Clients Who love to work with us

  • Jamie Harpst, Infresh Financial Network
  • Hawick Group
  • Foodista
  • Organising Queen
  • Quality in Granite
  • My Maid
  • Beau Gachis Paris
  • WGU Design
  • Essential Parenting
  • NiceOps

What our clients say Thanks for the Love! Actual customer reviews (typos and all)

  • Jamie Harpst, Infresh Financial Network

    Really appreciate Christine’s work. She goes above and beyond, and I regret not having enough work for her to do.

    Jamie Harpst, Infresh Financial Network, Sep. 2015

  • Lauri Wakefield

    I worked with Christine on a couple of different projects. She’s an excellent worker, and I really enjoyed working with her. My company had to cancel all contracts due to lack of funding. I would highly recommend her and definitely work with her again.

    Lauri Wakefield, One 23 Travel, Jan. 2013


  • RJ Russell, Diversion Media

    Christine is a competent virtual assistant. I began to require tasks that became heavier in back end development but if I were seeking strictly a virtual assistant with good WordPress, HTML\CSS, research, and blogging skills then I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her again. Thanks, Christine!

    RJ Russell, Diversion Media, Jul. 2012

  • Solomon Weiler

    Christine provided very competent and professional assistance. She was very familiar with WordPress and SEO-related tasks. Her English skills were very good and we were able to communicate easily. I look forward to hiring her again in the near future.

    Solomon Weiler, Exorio.com, Jun. 2012

  • Melissa Peterman, Foodista

    Christine is great! Very diligent and good at working independently.

    Melissa Peterman, Foodista, Jan.2012


  • Stephen Murphey

    Christine did a fantastic job with the online research. She made certain she understood the requirements, and kept me posted on her progress. Will definitely use again.

     Stephen Murphey, Stephen Murphey Ventures LLC, Jul. 2011

  • Robert Gibson, Educated Nutrition And Fitness

    Thank you for all of your help.

     Robert Gibson, Educated Nutrition And Fitness, Jun. 2011

  • Cedro Toro, Lean Six Sigma Toolbox

    Christine did a great job. The job was done quickly and she communicated well. -Cedro Toro LeanSixSigmaToolbox.com

    Cedro Toro, Lean Six Sigma Toolbox, Mar. 2011

  • Barbara White, Beyond Better Development Corp

    Christine is a responsible and accommodating worker, she did an excellent job with managing several social media accounts for us.Thank you Christine

     Barbara White, Beyond Better Development Corp, Jul. 2010

  • Andy Michaels

    Christine does her work to a very high quality and takes her role very seriously. Job ended purely due to an external issue. I will be rehiring Christine.

     Andy Michaels, Andy Michaels Online, Jun. 2010


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